Nance Carter

Licensed Massage Therapist

Nance Carter

With simplicity, I am introducing myself and Wholistic Rebirth at our Healing Arts studio.

I have so much to say, but I want to keep it rather simple. 

Salut! That is the greeting we normally use among friends in my hometown, Montreal Canada. My guiding belief in practice is that the core of our existence is pure energy, unique to each person, and our human bodies are the conduit of this energy. Through my years on this path of being a healer, I developed a transformational form of bodywork which combines my massage therapy experience with training in various modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, Trager technique, Reiki Energy healing and myofascial release with John f. Barnes. Through this unique combination of techniques, I am able to create a meditative state where our energies can transcend one another, and real healing change can begin.

I trust that we will get to know each other more when we have the honor to meet and share sacred space during a restorative session.

Next, let me tell you a bit about Wholistic Rebirth…

Wholistic means considering the mind, body and spirit. Rebirth is the action of reappearing, starting to flourish, or to assist in the process of becoming healthy again. The dream of creating a safe space surrounded by healing Art, where you can truly accomplish Wholistic Rebirth is now a reality.

Now, I want to answer this question that is being asked a lot of me.

Why would I want to open a business in these times? It’s a great question! My quick answer is: “But why not?”

I always had a deep desire to create a sacred space, where one would come and experience my healing gift and deep love for life – despite the dark challenges we all have to experience at some point in our life. What better time to create such a space than right NOW! Well, I finally made it happen with the support of my best friend, and husband.

We created this healing space in order to share the power of healing we all possess, but have forgotten how to let the mind rest from the constant chatter and negativity out there in the world. I want you to come and experience YOU, by focusing on your breath and the life force that radiates through you naturally.

Remember, HEALING is in our BREATH. 

Here we are… Wholistic Rebirth is now open for business!